Postcontemporary Brain Beats - Finger Drumming + Guitar + Live Loops /// Producer


Beatdenker spielt live und improvisiert jedes Mal neu. Mehrere Gitarrenriffs, -chords und -melodien werden durch einen magischen Synthesizer gejagt, modifiziert und geloopt. Dazu kommen ebenso live eingespielte Drum Samples über die MPC. Was entsteht, sind wonky Hip-Hop Beats, fette Neurofunk Bässe, wobblige Dubstep Bounces gepaart mit verträumten, technoiden Melodien. Am Ende entsteht ein abgefahrenes Rhythmus-Live-Set. Action!


Beatdenker plays live and improvises every time and everywhere anew. Multiple guitar riffs, chords and melodies are blown through a magical synthesizer, modified and looped. In addition there are live played drum samples on an MPC. The outcome is wonky hip-hop beats, thick neurofunk basses, wobbling dubstep grooves combined with dreamy, technoid melodys. It results in a wicked rhythm live set. Action!

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„We are stunned, hallucinated, crazy with musical sickness, immersed in these incredible beats that the artist has created, it's all so avant-garde and beautiful, everything so spatial, a wonderful revelation of musical experience, we love it and can't wait to see him in Brazil one day and feel this impressive music live.

An electronic transcendental journey and impressive work of art, it is a rocket straight into space and so different from anything we have ever heard

Not to spoil your surprise about this album, we can only say that we will never be the same after listening to the 13 impressive works of art that Beatdenker delivers, the album causes sensations in our body and mind that are indescribable, it is not just an album, it is an experience that everyone needs to have.“ - Indieoclock / Brazil


„When it comes to his recorded music, he stretches the boundary just as far. Inventive and intriguing, his music fuses elements of beats and rhythms with Future Dance, Jazz and New World influences culminating in a sound crafted from extraordinary imagination. he offers a sound from the meta IDM world.

Taking twists and turns at every step, the album lays down a vast exploration of experimental music with constantly evolving stuttered rhythms throughout. An incredible album! Such a mesmerising piece of art!“ - Plasticmag / London


„Too Tall To Dance introduces Beatdenker’s own creation of post-contemporary brain beats, an intellectual beat perspective that uniquely blends the improvisational aspect of jazz, the intellectual complexity of new, Avant-garde, and Carnatic music into one project. Beatdenker challenges the in-the-box approach of traditional beat-making in production and offers great insight into the way our body response to a rhythm on a deeper level. In the universe of Too Tall To Dance, Beatdenker describes beats with moods, emotions, fluctuations, predictability, and instability.“ - Phork XYZ / Los Angeles


„The record is contagious and meets our expectations in terms of creativity. This is called real art.“ - The Further / Paris


„The endless research driven by an appreciation for the cultures and pure passion of music has ended up in his music, a very forward-thinking album that takes imagination to a whole new level. This release is something for the fearless open-minded lovers of rhythm and percussion.“ - Less Than 1000 Followers / Mexico


„A genre not common in the scene for not following a musical standard. To understand this kind of madness is for few!“ - Roadie Music / Brazil