SUBWATER BEATS a collective of subculture creators based in Berlin and Dresden, active in many cities. From its beginning in 2015 it has been about multi-disciplinarity, even though the founding members are musicians. Live and self-made beat music with a focus on complex rhythmic events is the interface to the self-namend genre: Subwater Beats.

The members come from various fields: music, acting, cinematography, art, visual arts, education, graphics, dance, performance, puppetry, informatics, catering trade, handcrafts… Together events are organized, that are characterized by non-commercial, self-made charm and fuse different forms of arts.

The genre includes: beat music,  jazz, polyrhythms, isorhythms, equidistances, IDM, improvisation, hip hop, (double and triple) displacements, neurofunk, rhythms with two or three brackets, soundscaping, Indian rhythm concepts, electronica, isomelodies, New Music, uncommon subdivisions, techno, harmonic and metric superimpositions, breakbeats, floating melodies, D’n’B…

Another important influence on the collective is post-contemporary, speculative/new realism and convivalism. It's about planing a future with thinking from the future to the present and trying to combine intellect, action and devotion to be able to push the world into a time of post-capitalism, post-racism, post-nationalism, post-patriarchy, post-mega-authorities and post-anthropocene.

So SUBWATER BEATS is planing to become more and more a political-musical movement and lifestyle without being a political ideology or repressive religion.

Subwater Beats

Subcultural Collective / Music Genre and more